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  • 1.  Finding an Internship

    Posted 12-24-2020 10:55 PM

    Hello ASCE Community,

    This is my first time using this forum, and it is a great community of civil engineers who can provide a resource.

    I am a second-year Civil Engineering student, and I will do my compulsory internship in 2021 summer. I want to do my internship in a different country such as the USA, UK, France, and Spain. I have applied to some construction groups from these countries. However, I do not know how I should apply and which companies because I am studying in Turkey so if they accept I will be an international intern.

    If anyone can provide any recommendations or personal connections that would support my early-career development, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you all so much for your interest and your help.

    -Ahmet Emre Akpinar

    Ahmet Emre Akpinar S.M.ASCE

  • 2.  RE: Finding an Internship

    Posted 12-26-2020 10:15 PM

    Hello @Amhet I understand your goals and reasons, of course one of these is the career advancement that will bring you at the top of any resumes. It would be great for you to check the following links that may help you:

    Link 1: Provides strategies to lessen your international internships, and give corporates that would help you.


    Link 2: General guide to finding internships abroad.


    And it's also good if you communicate  with the career center in your school so that you can know your requirements. But in my own opinion and according to "Next Steps" articles of ASCE Career By Design some of the professionals did volunteer in certain companies related to their specialization and it helps them in their career after graduating which is same and preferably less cost and effective rather than international internship if you planned to work in your country. And also if you planned to work abroad it would be great if they see you volunteer and finish a project which is the same thing going to an international internship. But anyways I wish you good luck. 

    PS: I'm in my third year of college, we're on the same ocean but not the same boat so yeah I hope it helps ;).

    Llala Chrishaye S. Ocampo S.M.ASCE


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    Llala Chrishaye Ocampo S.M.ASCE
    City of General Trias Cavite