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Work force preparation

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    Posted 02-15-2017 12:15 PM

    I would also suggest you not limit yourself to just one area of practice.  Look at the Oil & Gas pipeline designers right now, things are tough for them.  I started out piping recycled water from a plant to irrigate golf courses, greenways and cemeteries.  We expanded to parks.  I worked on many potable water projects.  Then I got a recycled water project where the water is used to mine heat out of the earth.  But along the way, I got to do a road.  Then I got two major sewer programs where existing communities had to be provided with sewer collection.  Not water, but the challenges are immense.  We had community resistance at first, we had language barriers that were overcome, cultural barriers.  When I asked people if I could go into their yards to see where the sewer comes out of their house, I was able to sway the people to my side in such a way that they actually wanted me to come into their homes and feed me.  Very rewarding to meet with people like that. There are probably hundreds of stories like that, and better.  Do not limit yourself in your career path!


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