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Real Life Ethical Challenges

  • 1.  Real Life Ethical Challenges

    Posted 03-05-2018 02:59 PM
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    As a PE and ASCE Member I am aware of my professional obligations but as a private consultant doing the right thing was easier than when I worked for a publicly traded firm and held an executive role Case in Point - during remediation of building used by special chemical tenant - during on-site welding I realized no Fire Extinguishers available - I called client [president of state's larger commercial realtor] and said, "I will shut this project down (i.e. stop all welding until fire extinguishers brought to job site)." With one hour his chauffeur delivered ten extinguishers - this client used me again on another project - when I started up a one of its kind process for ACOE contract I was away from my NYC office for a few weeks - upon returning I was called to corporate HQ in Stamford CT and dressed down for being a way for so long from office "you are an executive of this firm and expected to act in best interests of firm."  My reply, "I gave my work to client that I would start-up and train subsequently." I left employment and went into private practice - COE was one of my first clients. 

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