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Refugio Rochin, P.E., M.ASCE



Hello.  Thank you for visiting my profile.  I'm from Northern California of the town of Davis, however I have further lived in Bogota, Colombia, Mexico City, México, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Contra Costa and Marin County, CA, Albuquerque, NM, Phoenix Metropolis, AZ, and The British Virgin Islands Caribbean.  I have currently returned to New México where I earned my Master's of Science in Civil Engineering.  

My name is Rochín-Bernal and it is a name that I appreciate as a "Negotiation" standard from the Chihuahua's and Sinaloa's of México, however I have lived most of my life North of the Border and more so in English Speaking cities.  Although I speak Fluent Spanish, it is actually not regularly spoken, although in New Mexico I have a fairer opportunity of practicing my native language.

Language was a priority for my Mother's Doctrine, while my father worked from the ground up in Volunteer paths into the Doctrine of Agricultural Economics.  While I have not inherited the Economical decision power from my father, I do inherently have an ear and appreciation for languages and demonstrative actions.

I suffered from poor Constitution during my youth, however I have learned to manage my physical being and mental health, whilst deriving my beliefs in Chinese originated Qigong, with a pertinence to Buddhism and Hinduism.  My father has also provided support to my Constitutional maintenance whilst I can persist without medical interventions which was part of his creed.

I have one son, and he resides in the Caribbean with his Mom.  We work to diligently maintain contact,  it seems that such a decision was managed by the Cellular Telephone Industry.

I seek a mentorship to promote communications and integrate some near to far field diplomacies.
I visited Dominica in 2018 following the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

The boat is crafted by Carib Native Americans.
The site is Fort Cabrits, which staged battles.

2018 aftermath of Hurricane Maria, visiting Son Zhentao ; a museum fort canoe on the Island of Dominica.