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    Posted 02-27-2023 01:01 PM
    Dear  , 
    I would like to ask many questions related to ASCE seismic provisions : 
    1) If I have a multi story building , and there are a two stories as a top roof . The seismic system for the building
    is ordinary shear wall and last top roof floors ( two floors ) are carried by moment frame system .
    Is it true that section would not apply ? 
    2) Today , arguments started about the effect of masonry walls (Hollow Blocks) used for partitions in a buildings on the behavior of the building !
    Partitions may effect time period of the structures ,  may cause soft story & weak story .... and most of the opinions are thinking that ASCE missed this point !
    so  , can you tell me if ASCE code took the effect of masonry partitions in a building especially that they are not modeled in our projects ?
    3) If I have SPT soil test for 15 meter soil profile ( the boreholes are only 15 m ) and the soil report mentioned that the "Site Class is E" but I believe that in this case
    ASCE would to assume Site Class D because soil profile is not 30 meter and the code may assume default site class for unknown soil properties !
    what is your opinion ?
    4) Do you think that structures controlled by torsional mode , shall be analyzed using nonlinear dynamic analysis ? or we 
    can use modal analysis (linear dynamic ) safely ? 
    5) Is it true that If the base shear from dynamic analysis is larger than base shear from ELF , no need to scale the force down ?
    6) Is there any provision in ASCE that exclude the low rise building from seismic loads ? 
    I hope we can share our opinions 

    Anas Dawas Aff.M.ASCE