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    Posted 06-28-2021 04:02 PM
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    What are the disadvantages of Marshal Mix Design?

    Muhammad Azam khan, R.Eng, M.ASCE
    Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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    Posted 07-05-2021 10:25 AM
    Dear Azam Khan,

    Although the Marshall Mix Design method has been used for many years, many engineers believe that the impact compaction used with the Marshall method does not simulate mixture densification as it occurs in real pavementMarshall stability does not adequately estimate the shear strength of HMA.

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    Narsimha Poloju
    President | ASCE India Section Southern Region
    P.Eng.,S.E, M.GI, M.ASCE, M.AEI, M.SEI

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    Posted 07-12-2021 01:29 PM
    There are also many advantages to using Marshall, particularly the relative simplicity of the equipment needed for design & testing.  The FAA in the US still actively uses the Marshall method and has only recently moved to allow the Superpave method.  If you require enhanced design testing, you can add Hamburg wheel tracking tests (rutting and stripping) and various cracking susceptibility tests to provide a more comprehensive design review to traditional Marshall designs.  This complicates and increases the costs of the design phase, but are widely becoming the norm in the US.

    David Gent P.E., M.ASCE
    Executive Director
    WA Asphalt Pavement Assoc.
    Renton WA