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ADA Connectivity Public Transportation Hubs

  • 1.  ADA Connectivity Public Transportation Hubs

    Posted 10-29-2021 03:42 PM
    Hi ASCE,

    I found a topic on LinkedIn that I am close it. I will include the link below.

    I am not working on these projects but I wanted to know what this topic would be considered as in the transportation study.

    Boston is planning and exploring new products for public transportation. There is a discussion for "e-Ink" signs where large signs do not fit and they are planning to install them for certain public transportation lines. I was wondering if it is possible to also consider ADA Accessibility in terms of connectivity, "ADA Connectivity", where there may be an app to connect wheelchair users, and others with disability, at specific hubs.

    It looks like right now they are electric signs but what subject would be it also be considered as? Would it be connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technology? Are there are safety issues with installing applications to it? There was a shared article that I read previously that discussed about the dangers of hackers exploiting remote access to devices and causing accidents. It is a topic that was part of the ethics discussion to provide safe systems in engineering in matters of artificial intelligence from Nordic Engineers.

    I have minimal knowledge on this subject and it seems to be more on the systems and programming side of engineering.

    Any insight would be appreciated, thank you.

    Green Line Transit: Angel Peña on LinkedIn: #publictransit #transit #publictransport
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    Angel Peña on LinkedIn: #publictransit #transit #publictransport
    In order to make sure riders have real-time information of when trains will arrive, we're planning to install e-ink signs at Green Line stations where ...
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    2. https://nordicengineers.org/artificial-intelligence/ Shared by Kelly Williams in "Advancement of AI in Collaboration with Autonomous Vehicles" Posted on 07/21/2021 
    3. www.nordicengineers.org

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