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  • Another issue with the delegation of infrastructure responsibilities to localities is that it makes each decision body less experienced, as they can only work on projects in their own areas. One of the reasons that infrastructure projects take so long ...

  • "Paid for" as opposed to "Paid off" simply refers to when the collection of tolls ceases. The premise of toll roads being publicly owned is not so confusing as their administration is confounding. The Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike eventually stopped collecting ...

  • I see toll roads as simplify a manifestation of US culture, in broad generality, being self-absorbed and/or not having a distrust for government. By being self-absorbed, I mean nobody wants to pay for anything that would go to the greater good of society. ...

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  • Toll roads developed by public authorities are public property so the title of this thread with regard to the original post may be misleading. When members of an RMA are confused by this aspect it is no wonder that the public might also be similarly confused. ...

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  • Toll collection as financing has helped sprout an array of new routes and planning initiatives in the US in the last two decades. The complaint heard most often is "when is this thing paid for?" followed by "Why did they pick that route?". Texas, in particular ...

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  • What kind of software did u use for the traffic simulation? ------------------------------ Bernard Nartey P.E., M.ASCE Project Manager Brownsburg IN ------------------------------

  • Muhammad, Excellent work. How can we get a copy of your thesis? Thanks ------------------------------ William Bala P.E., S.E., M.ASCE Owner Hawkins TX ------------------------------

  • Hi ASCE, I hope everyone is doing well. What are your opinions and experiences about roundabouts or rotaries? It seems like a reasonable approach to maintaining continuous traffic and reducing conflict points.  I had a short exposure to the profession ...

  • In reading through the survey, I'm guessing that your BIM software is for material procurement, not project procurement. ------------------------------ Mike Glock P.E., M.ASCE Diversified Consulting Services Reno NV ------------------------------

  • Dear Douglas, How the Cost savings effects will be occurred, when your over look the benifits. Abstract: Design in construction has historically been conveyed by conventional 2D methods through the use of physical paper-based documentation either by ...


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    CI Student Days will be hosted in Charleston, South Carolina, July 29 – August 2. We are accepting applications and encourage you to apply!
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  • 2021 Buchanan Lecture

    The 2021 Buchanan Lecturer is Dr. Philippe Jeanjean who is the Senior Advisor for Geotechnical Engineering at BP America in Houston, Texas. Dr. Jeanjean’s lecture is entitled “Offshore Geotechnics: From Oil & Gas to Renewable Energy.”

    Also on the agenda is Professor Edward J. Cording, who will be presenting his 2020 Terzaghi Lecture “Observing and Controlling Ground Behavior with Tunnel Boring Machines.” Professor Cording is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

    The lectures will take place virtually via Zoom, and will begin at 2:00 pm US Central Time on November 12, 2021. Please relay to colleagues and students. A Zoom link to attend the Buchanan Lecture will be posted on this website (https://briaud.engr.tamu.edu/buchananlecture/) a few days before the lecture and a video will be posted on that website afterwards for those who are unable to attend.