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Biophilic Transportation & Pedestrian Projects

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    I wanted to start this thread to introduce a discussion topic that I am interested in exploring. I believe the term "biophilic" is most commonly associated with Architecture, however with the demand and encouragement to design many future projects sustainably, I feel like it would be a great application to Transportation Engineering too.

    Does anyone know about any discussions or research/completed projects related to transportation and sustainable design? I think the Atlanta Beltline might be a good example, but I don't know much from here. I think I have seen a project that was designed for an overpass with nothing but landscape as a function of animal crossing and green space over a highway. I don't know what it was called and it was more than a few years back when I saw this project.


    Additionally, there are some small scale projects using plants that significantly reduce CO2, nitrogen and also serves as a noise reduction/dampener, such as moss. I am really interested in seeing a project like that be built in harmony with our highway/transportation designs considering the high demand and pressure to reduce GHG emissions in states like California.

    A great example is where moss plants were applied involving the design of a bench that was about 10’x10’. The moss wall was capturing and filtering CO2 and other pollutants at the rate of 275 trees. In my opinion, a 10'x10' moss wall seems highly efficient considering that 275 trees requires a larger area to treat air pollution. 

    Link here:

    The company who designed the bench is called Green City Solutions. 

    *COVID-19: Interestingly, I was present at a webinar a few weeks ago discussing COVID's spread through air particulates and what environmental engineers could do to assist in preventing the spread of the virus. The company's website also has a page where they discuss about the influence of COVID-19 Air Quality and they're based in Germany.
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