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The world has changed but civil engineering work doesn't stop. Here are several ways to stay informed and stay connected.


Virtual Events

Here are some great virtual events to keep you connected to the ASCE community.

Managing a Successful Engineering Career in the Cloud - FREE

Career Booster Series Webinar: Career Mindfulness as a Tool for Teams and Leaders - FREE

COVID-19 Industry Impact Survey

Industry insights based on an ASCE survey conducted during the following dates:

March 16 to March 18

April 7 to April 9

May 26 to May 28

Tap Access Engineering’s free guides

Need a resource you may have left on your work computer or reference shelf? Search the latest editions of hundreds of expert references and key textbooks while accelerating problem-solving with analytical learning tools in Access Engineering

Convenient live and on-demand webinars

We know travel is not an option right now. ASCE has upcoming live webinars and a variety of virtual learning options.

Begin an online mentoring relationship

ASCE Mentor Match enables mentors and mentees to get together for coaching sessions online, an ideal activity for professionals that can be done from almost anywhere.

Call for Engineering Action

These challenges are ideally suited for engineers, but the first step is bringing together people with great ideas.

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