Bridge View Infrastructure Monitor

BridgeView Infrastructure Monitor

Focus: Innovation


RABIT robotThe first ASCE Innovation Contest, an important facet of the ASCE Grand Challenge, drew entries from around the world. Practitioners, project managers, educators, researchers, and students attracted to the challenge of developing and submitting their most creative ideas for reshaping infrastructure participated. There were several entries recognized specifically for innovation, BridgeView being one of them.

“BridgeView: A Low-Cost, Non-contact, Camera-Based Infrastructure Monitor” earned the Most Innovative Award in the Innovative Business Models category. The patented software analysis, developed by RDI Technologies, can measure the frequency of vibrations of a cable end, and if the mass density is known, also determine the tension. Tension measurements can be used to determine if it’s within tolerance and check deviations from previous readings.

Sources: ASCE Innovation Contest; Rick Laney Marketing

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