ASCE Grand Challenge

The ASCE Grand Challenge is a commitment to rethinking what’s possible in our industry. With your participation we can work towards the shared goal of reducing infrastructure life cycle costs by 50% by 2025 and foster the optimization of infrastructure for society.

Join us in taking our industry to a new level. The ASCE Grand Challenge asks civil engineers from all backgrounds and at every career stage to implement performance-based standards, resilience, innovation, and life cycle cost analysis in all projects. We’re asking you to rethink and re-invent project delivery, share successes and lessons learned with others, and embrace your own unique leadership role in helping to transform our industry.

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Step 1

According to the ASCE Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, the estimated investment needed by 2025 is $4.59 trillion, of which $2 trillion is unfunded.

The ASCE Grand Challenge asks civil engineers to re-think what is possible, to transform the way we plan, deliver, operate, and maintain our nation’s infrastructure, so we can meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Step 2

Civil engineers can lead the way in the ASCE Grand Challenge by committing to playing an individual role in meeting the goal to reduce the life cycle cost of infrastructure 50% by 2025 and foster the optimization of infrastructure for society.

The ASCE Grand Challenge is a “Call to Action” for the profession to increase the value and capacity of infrastructure and to increase and optimize infrastructure investments.

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Post on Twitter and LinkedIn to share your commitment to the ASCE Grand Challenge.

Download the outreach toolkit to learn how to share the information further. The Outreach Toolkit is a resource to help you talk about the ASCE Grand Challenge and how you are playing a role in meeting the goal.


Areas of Focus

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No matter the size of the project, you can bring the ASCE Grand Challenge vision into the real world! Learn how your peers are pushing boundaries, making changes and testing ideas to find creative solutions for our industry's future.

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Now it’s your turn. Share your strategies, ideas, and projects related to LCCA, PBS, resilience, and innovation. A submission can encompass green engineering, innovative business models, the Internet of Things, and so much more. Just think, your revolutionary project could become a new standard within the industry.

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