Managing Construction Electronically

Managing Construction Electronically

Focus: Life Cycle Cost Analysis


Research shows that Life Cycle Cost Analysis can lead to significant cost and resource savings. With this in mind, The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) implemented an improved efficiency and new technology focused plan that is already saving the department large sums of money. MDOT estimates the agency has saved approximately $12 million annually due to better efficiency, along with six million pieces of paper — thanks to their new process initiatives. The agency also used new to market paperless technology on a recent $150 million infrastructure project, the reconstruction of I-96, to help manage 55 firms and almost 500 construction workers, completing work in about seven months and ahead of schedule. The productivity gains alone are estimated to have saved Michigan over $1 million. Due to the immense success of the new processes, the state is working to use e-construction on all major projects starting this year.

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