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 Server Racks - Dead or Live Load?

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Stephan Demers posted 02-07-2024 09:11 PM

Hi, I have a question regarding classifying server racks (in a data center or office building) as dead load or live load. After a rack is in place, it is typically lifted off of its caster wheels onto 4 leveling legs, anchored as needed in seismic zones, and left in place for at least 3 years.

Are there any conditions where ASCE 7 requires server racks to be classified as live load? Per ASCE 7 C13.1.1 & 3.1.3, components left in place for more than 6 months can be considered permanent (or fixed) equipment, and therefore, classified as superimposed dead loads.

Does the engineer of record or building authority have the ability to make a project specific determination on the load classification?

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Alex Thomas

For the four legs of a table on a RCC slab , shall we sure about whether the legs be over Re bar or on concrete alone. Live or dead the load is taking by slab. What's the action of the slab on punching shear. I think it may take a whole year to adjusting the reaction of the slab. It's hardening more and more. 

No difference in type of loading.

Alex Thomas BSc FIE MASCE