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 Imputing Soil Classes

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  • ASCE7-22
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Tirza Austin posted 08-02-2022 03:02 PM

****This question was submitted by an ASCE member. I'm posting here so the entire community can benefit from the answer. 

I am conducting a new analysis per ACE7-22. While imputing the Soil Classes I noticed two different results.

Using the hazardous interface inputs I tried both site class C and D, I then received different results as expected except for the Seismic Design Category - Both resulted to “D”.

Should I be using D?

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Huajie Liu Best Answer
Please read section 11.6 of ASCE 7-22, which describes how to determine Seismic Design Category based on Risk Category and the value of SDS and SD1. In this case it appears that the correct SDC is D for both site classes.