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Tirza Austin posted 06-03-2022 12:32 PM

I have a technical question regarding ASCE 7-16, Section 13.4.6. The section prohibits the use of “friction clips” for the anchorage of non-structural components in Seismic Design Category D. Several of our company’s standard cold small bore pipe support details utilize B-Line B441-22 beam clamps to attach supports to structural steel (see screenshots below for an example detail and product in question). My question for you is would you consider these beam clamps to be “friction clips” per ASCE 7-16 and thus would be prohibited in Seismic Design Category D, E, or F? Would you be able to elaborate on the logic behind the statement from the commentary?: “under no circumstances should they be relied on to resist sustained gravity loads.”

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Ronald Hamburger Best Answer
ASCE 7-16 Commentary Section C13.4.6 states that for friction clips “under no circumstances should they be relied on to resist sustained gravity loads” because sustained gravity loads could slip out of the friction clip as the friction diminishes over time.  Please note that Section 13.4 states “component attachments shall be bolted, welded, or otherwise positively fastened without consideration of frictional resistance produced by the effects of gravity.