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 ASCE 24-14 commentary section C5.2.1 Metal Connectors and Fasteners

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William Wingate posted 01-10-2023 12:43 PM

Section C5.2.1 of the ASCE 24-14 states “The severity of exposure to corrosive condition is a consideration in the selection of materials and coating thickness, as discussed FEMA Technical Bulleting 8 Corrosion Protection for Metal Connectors in Coastal Areas (FEMA 1996)”. As of today on the FEMA website, there is a 2019 version of the FEMA Technical Bulletin 8. Are engineers supposed to be referencing the 2019 version of FEMA TB 8 (FEMA 2019). Or is an ASCE 24-14 errata or addendum required?