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Section 12.7.3 - panel zone flexibility

  • 1.  Section 12.7.3 - panel zone flexibility

    Posted 12-22-2022 11:55 AM
    Hi All,
    Section 12.7.3 (b) gives that flexibility of panel zones should be considered in steel moment frames. My understanding is that the AISC Direct Analysis Method including 0.8 and τb stiffness reductions does not address this. The ASCE commentary indicates that using semi-rigid end zones may be applicable in some instances and also references a paper with kinematic modeling approaches.  I believe the latter to be more accurate but not surprisingly is also a bit more complicated. I'm wondering how folks are approaching this and making their determination?

    I'd expect that there might be some simple guidance somewhere, possibly something like e.g., semi-rigid is generally acceptable for say OMF with R<= 3 but kinematic models referenced in the commentary should be used for say SMF with R = 8(?) Or perhaps something similar based on story drift computed w/o panel zone flexibility? Is anyone aware of and/or applying a rule like this?

    Please share how you are satisfying 12.7.3(b) and what limits you may have (e.g., R-value, building height, seismic zone, drift limit, ...)


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