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Q. "What can I do, management controls what happens next?"

  • 1.  Q. "What can I do, management controls what happens next?"

    Posted 01-22-2021 04:03 PM
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    "What can I do, management controls what happens next?"

    I do recall from my "Dated" engineering past what it's like.

    Then one of the more experienced engineers, willing to lead by example,

    suggested we collectively study what Kurt Lewin's "Force-Field Analysis" (FFA)

    offers as a tool that supports change that matters by:

    1. Collaboration,
    2. Cooperation, and,
    3. Communication.

    What's really neat is that once you and your group (if not yet a real team) understand the process,

    you will be able to use it for improving outcomes within disciplines, departments (admin and services), projects, and once proven,

    the executive management system of your firm.

    A graphic example of an organization's FFA (model) is attached.

    • Description of the tool [1]
      The force field analysis was developed by Kurt Lewin. It evaluates the net impact of all forces that influence change. These forces can be divided into two groups: driving forces and restraining forces. Driving forces are all forces that promote change. These change drivers promote and encourage the change process. Some examples of driving forces are executive mandate, stakeholder demands, and increased efficiency. Restraining forces are forces that make change more difficult. These forces counteract driving forces and lead to the avoidance or resistance of change. Some examples of restraining forces are fear, lack of training, and the lack of incentives. If the two sets of forces are equal, then there is no change. It is a valuable change-management tool.
    • Steps needed when using the tool[2]
    • More FFA Resources
    • Wells, S. (2006). Force Field Analysis – Mini-Tutorial Quality Management. See: http://www.freequality.org/documents/knowledge/Mini-Tutorial.pdf(accessed 23 January 2014)
    • http://www.mspguide.org/tool/force-field-analysis-0


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    [1] http://www.managingforimpact.org/tool/force-field-analysis-1

    [2] http://www.managingforimpact.org/tool/force-field-analysis-1

    William M. Hayden Jr., Ph.D., P.E., CMQ/OE, F.ASCE
    Buffalo, N.Y.

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