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  • 1.  Office vs. Virtual Onboarding: Comparing Processes for Welcoming New Staff

    Posted 05-31-2023 05:56 PM

    Does your company have a formal onboarding process for new staff? In this context, I am referring to processes that get new hires integrated into the company, familiar with the work, and interacting with the people on the teams they are now supporting, as well as the company at large.

    If you have an onboarding process, did it change for those of you who now work remotely? What do you do differently now to continue to establish connections with new staff and help them foster a sense of engagement within a virtual setting?

    Christopher Seigel P.E., M.ASCE
    Civil Engineer

  • 2.  RE: Office vs. Virtual Onboarding: Comparing Processes for Welcoming New Staff

    Posted 06-25-2023 05:16 PM

    During my first week, I spent every work day in the office to finish preparing for the job. I am a hybrid worker, so I needed to set up a desk over there and take equipment back to my apartment.

    During that time, I received a lot of introductions. I was meeting members of staff, downloading software to my work laptop and learning what my work schedule was going to be. From there, I received my first project task, which would go on to become consecutive deadlines for three different projects as the months passed.

    However, because a lot of the people I work with are also hybrid workers and/or in another state, some meetings I have throughout each month are virtual; there is a Staff Meeting with people from different offices, were we discuss our ongoing workloads and billability; and there are biweekly meetings for a special project with strict deadlines, which involves a second boss from another office.

    Alexander Granato
    Transportation Planning Engineer
    Indianapolis IN