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  • 1.  Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

    Posted 04-17-2023 11:59 AM

    A Civil and Environmental Engineering professor is promoting a new way to sequester CO2 by removing it from seawater. What are your thoughts on the pros and cons?
    See the article at: https://phys.org/news/2023-04-big-sponge-co2-tech-oceans.html

    William McAnally Ph.D., P.E., D.CE, D.NE, F.ASCE
    Columbus MS

  • 2.  RE: Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

    Posted 06-05-2023 11:00 AM

    At first, I see a lot of pros with this concept:

    • It accounts for the fact that escalating CO2 admissions are entering and affecting the seas, not just the air around us
    • It isolates the effects of this added chemical from the seas down to small solid areas
    • After effects of this removal procedure may serve as adding for other environmental processes

    However, upon a second viewing, I still have some questions:

    • Where, in the oceans, will the "fine white powder" accumulate so it remains there untouched?
    • What are the remaining tests to make sure there is no damage to the marine ecosystem?

    Alexander Granato
    Transportation Planning Engineer
    Indianapolis IN