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  • 1.  ASCE Salary Survey 2017

    Posted 08-09-2017 06:14 PM
    Does anybody have any insight as to when the results of the most recent salary survey will be compiled and made available? I believe the web page and emails indicated July '17, but no such luck as of yet.


    Andrew Dady

  • 2.  RE: ASCE Salary Survey 2017

    Posted 08-10-2017 07:14 PM

    Hello Andrew,

    We know this salary data is much anticipated and appreciate the follow-up. Our apologies for the delay in the release. We are currently finalizing the technical implementation and expect that the product will be available by 8/31/17.

    As a reminder, members will receive 2 free runs of the new salary calculator. The calculator uses an algorithm to generate custom results based on the salary data. Those who contributed to the survey will get bonus data runs.

    Please reach out to me at [email protected] or (703) 295-6121 if you are interested, or if I can provide any additional information.



    Dan Wilson
    Market Research Analyst
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