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ICYMI - Career Change: Second Bachelors Degree

Happy November! I hope your having a great fall! I wanted to share some of the most popular ASCE Collaborate discussions with you "In Case You Missed It" (ICYMI). You can find the most popular discussions below. 

But, first can you answer these questions? 

How does mentorship work in the field of civil engineering?

The aftermath/great resignation

Intersection between civil engineering and LEED principles  

What construction codes should I study?

ADA connectivity public transportation hubs

Member Voices in Career by Design

Tips for finding (and getting) a public sector civil engineering job

The basics of navigating USAJobs

Résumé tips for government job seekers

Virtual Roundtables
This month's topic was "Delivering, Receiving and Incorporating feedback." It was a really excellent conversation. You can view the recording here

Top Discussions

Career Change: Second Bachelors Degree

Mitigation of Climate Change

I'll be posting a quick monthly roundup of ASCE Collaborate conversations at the beginning of every month just ICYMI!