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ICYMI - Licensure - Evidence of Effectiveness

Happy October! I hope your fall is off to a great start I'm personally looking forward to Halloween and fall festivities. I wanted to share some of the most popular ASCE Collaborate discussions with you "In Case You Missed It" (ICYMI). You can find the most popular discussions below. 

But, first can you answer these questions? 

ADA curb ramps and construction tolerances 

What tool are you surprised you use as often as you do?

COVID-19 clause in projects

9/11 Personal memories and professional impacts

As a civil engineer, what is the one tool you use everyday?

ASCE 7 - Design loads for free standing canopies 

Member Voices in Career by Design

The perks of working in a small community

Asking the questions that will maximize mentored experience

Virtual Roundtables
This month's topic was Identifying, evaluating, and mitigating productivity loss on projects. It was a great discussion! You can find it and other virtual roundtables here:
 Thursdays @ 3 roundtables.

Top Discussions

Licensure - Evidence of Effectiveness 

Personal observations ("ground-truthing") after major events

I'll be posting a quick monthly roundup of ASCE Collaborate conversations on the first Friday of every month just ICYMI!