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Surfside Condo Collapse Peripheral Questions - ICYMI ASCE Collaborate Discussions

Happy September! I hope you are ready for the fall! I wanted to share some of the most popular ASCE Collaborate discussions with you "In Case You Missed It" (ICYMI). You can find the most popular discussions below. 

But, first can you answer these questions? 

Private on-site grinder pump guidance 

Church structure is redesigning

Snow drifts for lower roofs

When the Olympic torch's flame extinguishes

Member Voices in Career by Design

Three strategies for 'cross office' working during the pandemic 

My mindfulness journey

Virtual Roundtables
This month's topic was choosing the right discipline as an undergraduate student. You can view all Thursdays @ 3 roundtables here.

Top Discussions
Surfside condo collapse peripheral questions

PS 465 & CEBOK: The foundation of ASCE's future

I'll be posting a quick monthly roundup of ASCE Collaborate conversations on the first Friday of every month just ICYMI!