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Mr Alexander V. Granato, A.M.ASCE

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Bexley, OH

Mr Alexander Granato, A.M.ASCE


For my first few semesters at The Ohio State, I could not on a major. At first I was focused on Mechanical Engineering, and doing the prerequisite classes for that. I later attempted to settle for Engineering Physics before Civil Engineering proved to be a major more in tune with myself and my other interests, all the while being a Scholar in the Environment and Natural Resources program, and taking several different clubs that suited my other interests.

Now that I have graduated after five years of classes in Civil Engineering, I hope to become more involved with ASCE as a Topic Moderator. I will also start a master's degree in Statistics-Analytics soon at the University of Illinois, which will serve to advance the versatility of my career.


Ohio State University
Bachelor of Civil Engrg., 2021
To 2021