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2022 Annual Joint Town Hall with CASE, NCSEA, and SEI - (ICYMI)

  • 1.  2022 Annual Joint Town Hall with CASE, NCSEA, and SEI - (ICYMI)

    Posted 05-25-2022 07:59 AM

    They are doing an magnificent work, also Changes in a Global Scale!

    Would you like to join us in Future Events like this, next year? Are you a civil or structural engineer interested in designing for future scenarios & structures or just be prepared in the Future? Follow our ASCE institute @asce_sei on Instagram to see news & updates. Don`t forget this UNION provides also resources to the SE Profession & also communicates good initiatives with transparency along ALL the Members of the Coalition giving us, Structural Engineers some hope, context & content: www.structuremag.org. Best Regards, Andre.

    LINK: 2022 Town Hall

    SEI Vision

    In 2033, the Structural Engineering Profession will be:

    • A unique, full engaged profession with a strong identity;
    • Recognized for the contribution the profession makes to
      • public safety and risk management,
      • economic and sustainable use of resources,
      • the use of innovative technologies, and
    • the creation of inspiring structures;
    • Stewards of the built environment; and
    • Attractive to the best and brightest.

    Along with Top 10 priorities are:

    To achieve these long-term goals, CASE, NCSEA, and SEI are committed to cooperating on and investing in the following key initiatives:

    1. Develop and position structural engineers as leaders and innovators on project teams and in society.
    2. Reform structural engineering education.
    3. Improve mentoring of young structural engineers.
    4. Enhance the professional development of practicing structural engineers.
    5. Advocate structural engineering licensure.
    6. Implement performance-based codes and standards.
    7. Encourage resilience in the built environment, including disaster response planning.
    8. Promote diversity within the structural engineering profession.
    9. Collaborate on common causes with related industry organizations.
    10. Advance the structural engineering profession nationally and globally.

      If you have some thoughts & ideas please share with us, be kind, be on your time.. Extend your views on what is possible and make a suggestion / comment on this topic  …This is the place to talk about some implications too.

      Dear Member and Colleague , Why do you think a FUTURE VISION is Vital to the Structural Engineering (SE)?  Are there some feelings that inspire you in those long-term commitments?  And do you think Engineers already are trying to connect today with those TOP10 priorities, in your view?  How can we improve ourselves as a TEAM while establishing this Successful JOINT Vision? I think is this!!!

      So this is Very Intense Response, Should We Start!? 😊 

    Andre Newinski S.E., A.M.ASCE
    Engenheiro Estrutural
    Santo Angelo