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  • Thanks for the correction. I meant 7 years total including undergraduate. 3-4 years undergraduate + 4 years experience.  What then would you say is the primary purpose to the SE? ------------------------------ Daniel Bressler EIT, A.M.ASCE Structural ...

  • Right, the issue is that there's no distinction in any one load combination between beneficial dead load which you'd want to underestimate, and simultaneous detrimental dead load which you'd want to overestimate.  It's akin to designing for an expected ...

  • The current development of the standard of Civil engineering comes from the aspect of developing highly standard tensile strength requirement that has the manufacturing requirements as per Researching in concrete technologies and aspects,in one of the ...

  • The Current Development of Civil engineering Technologies comes from the aspect of thousands & Thousands of Development within the political issues that has been issued among the current development of Political civil engineering affects the site offices ...

  • The Columns or the story that sways considered to have a weaker or softer effect in which it will give lateral deformation and deformed shape ------------------------------ [Khalid ] [Zuiater] [Civil Engineer ] [Civil Engineer ] [Chief Contracting, Altorath ...

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    RE: Field Fix

    Remove and replace them like-for-like. ------------------------------ Mohammad Hariri M.ASCE Str Engr Irvine CA ------------------------------

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    Anodic protection

    Corrosion resistance of Reinforcement in RCC shall be increased or prevented by anodic protection? When electrification of the RCC building is done the earthing can it be done taking advantage of steel rebars. Anodic protection could it be done using ...

  • It's noted that steel structures connection is better if combination of welding and bolted .Finite element analysis is only done with computer software. The end condition is either continues or discontinues. For accuracy element should be as small as ...

  • Mr. Huston, many thanks for responding. I struck online gold about 5 minutes ago. I was following a section in the 1973 Virginia USBC entitled "Section III - Inconsistent Local Building Codes and Regulations Repealed", it stated " That all building codes ...

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  • Like David, when modeling I had always modelled up to the point of where the cross-sections of the members were was no longer constant. Of course, it is an iterative process to define that desired combination of member length and X-section. Rigid elements ...


  • Structures Congress 2023 Call for Papers Closes JUNE 15

    There's only one week left to submit your proposal for Structures Congress 20233! Submit by June 15th for a chance to be a part of the program.
  • Structures Congress 2023 Call for Proposals

    Be part of the program and submit your proposal today to help build a robust technical program for Structures Congress 2023. The deadline to submit is June 15 - don't miss out on this great opportunity and submit today. 

  • Last Call: Encourage students to apply for scholarship to ETS conference by April 25

    Inspire a student - share this great opportunity to learn, network, and explore careers opps to innovate for critical global infrastructure
    Includes complimentary registration, funding for travel/lodging, and informal mentoring
    Students: Learn more and apply by April 25 at
  • Leadership Opportunities

    SEI Young Professional members (35 and younger): These committees need to fill their Secretary position and invite you to apply. SEI Committees provide great opportunities to gain valuable experience, and advance and serve the profession. Learn more and apply by March 31.


    • SEI Board-level Committee on Resilience


    Vision: Promote resilient design in buildings, bridges, and other structures.

    Mission: Advance structural engineering professional practice by developing programs and resources to support engineering professionals working toward enhancing resilience.

    Charge: To direct, oversee, and coordinate SEI’s efforts to enhance resilience for buildings, bridges, and other structures by preparing recommendations for the SEI Board of Governors and SEI Divisions, Committees, and Members.


    Chair: Don Scott, P.E., F.SEI, F.ASCE


    • SEI Board-level Committee on Performance-Based Design

    Purpose: To advance the structural engineering profession toward performance-based design through development of guides, prestandards, and educational resources; advocacy; and other activities.

    Chair: Don Dusenberry, P.E., F.SEI, F.ASCE

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