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Bike Sharing

  • 1.  Bike Sharing

    Posted 05-18-2019 09:53 AM
    What are the best policies for implementing bike sharing through the developing countries, which are somehow different from the developed world?

    Mohammad Rasooli A.M.ASCE
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    Kabul, Afghanistan
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  • 2.  RE: Bike Sharing

    Posted 05-19-2019 05:05 PM
    More than four years ago, Bogota, the capital city of Colombia has a very good system of bike sharing. The service is for the main streets and avenues. It is possible to share a bike during 30 minutes for free. The bikes are taken at some bike stations and returned at another bike stations. The available information can be found searching on the internet page: Bogota bicicletas compartidas. The information comes in Spanish. There are also the same service for scooters.

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