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Edmund Gregory McNulty, Ph.D.,P.G.

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Edmund McNulty, Ph.D.,P.G.


​Dr. Gregory McNulty has over 20 years of line management and project management experience plus over 20 years of civil engineering, geotechnical and tunnel engineering, facility sitting, design, and construction. Dr. McNulty serves with Parsons Transportation Group, Bridge and Division, as a Senior Engineering Manager at the Washington DC office. At Parsons, he independently develops methods and solutions for engineering design and construction infrastructure. Over the last 30 years, Dr. McNulty has applied geotechnical, geomechanical, and structural engineering techniques analysis to civil heavy infrastructure such as tunnels, interstate highways and airport runways, and delivered deep geologic repository design, mining approaches in a diverse range of geologies, underground test facilities for nuclear waste and mission critical projects in the US and around the world (such as Mosul Dam, Mosul Iraq), Riyadh Metro Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian Railways, Airports in Dubai UAE, Mexico City, Highways in Qatar, US DOD work in Germany, Italy, and Canada.