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#Waterfront Inspection
#Waterfront Inspection

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    I tend to agree with more coastal development and higher populations in coastal areas the impact of storms is greater financially. However, Florence weakened as it got closer to the coast. As for global warming, not so sure if it is not more than the ...

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    Fred, I completely agree that the public does not understand flood plain mapping or purpose as well as the statistical meaning of the 100yr rain event. ------------------------------ Kelly Hefner P.E., M.ASCE Regional Engineer Advanced Drainage Systems ...

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    James, I am fairly new to the Low Country. I was wondering if there are any regulation, development requirements or statues in the Charleston area requiring developers to mitigate drainage, water control on their development site? I saw this in action ...

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    Hello Everyone, I responded a couple days ago about NOAA Atlas 14 coming out in increments across the country. As it happens, I found this notice from Dr. Sanja Perica at the National Weather Service in my email today: Hydrometeorological Design ...

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    RE: Flood frequency

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    I totally agree to all and this is a very great discussion indeed. I'm learning a lot and enjoing the exchange of knowledge. There must be a huge gap between scientist and specialist on the one side and decision makers on the other side. The science ...

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