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    Remembering names is a nice thing, and there are many books that talk through psyche-visual cueing in mental 'conundrums' to remember them.  That would be really advantageous to become a Manager of Many people, you will earn the respects of the close ...

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    Until an option to reply anonymously is added, the logic of providing current job, career and experience related insight will remain a challenge. There are challenges with the typed word being taken out of context, especially when one fails to re-read ...

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    I was talking with some colleagues recently, and remarked that one of them does such a good job of remembering names and features of people they meet.  I have also heard before that there is an average of 150 names and faces a person can recall without ...

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    Hello Daniel, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering a year ago, yet to this day, I keep coming across a lot of discussion chats involving aspects of the career I have not considered at any point. I keep a short list of chats I hope ...

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    Two information security tips while you are out of the office. The first is to not put your email address or phone number - or those for others - in your automatic out of office reply. The approach I followed was to identify an individual who was to be ...

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