ABET Civil Engineering Program Criteria Draft

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    Posted 04-28-2021 03:38 PM

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    Introduction to the Forum:

    ASCE is the lead society for creating and maintain the ABET civil engineering program criteria (CEPC). ASCE is also active in helping to define what the practice of civil engineering entails and where that endeavor is trending in the future.  For example, ASCE has developed and published several versions of the Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge, now in its third edition (CEBOK3). The current CEPC can be viewed on the ABET website. A Civil Engineering Program Criteria Task Committee (CEPCTC) comprised of practitioners and academics was appointed to review the current criteria and propose potential modifications with consideration of CEBOK3. The committee conducted its work in electronic forums typically with 40+ observers who offered commentary via chat and other means. This work resulted in a new draft CEPC that is ready for review and input from the broader civil engineering community.

     Request for review and comment:  Input is solicited from a variety of stakeholders, stakeholder groups, and to provide awareness to entities that might have general interest. Comments can be submitted via email, letter, interactive webinar, and this forum. 

     Forum Structure:  Discussion forums are often used to develop structured conversations.  This forum is divided into two parts, solicitation of: 

    1. Comments that are related to specific draft criteria
    2. General comments that are not tagged to a specific criterion

    The draft criteria are divided into a separate discussion for each phrase to keep the discussion focused. A parallel commentary on the background/rationale is provided for each phrase.

    To post a comment, click the green "REPLY" button in the upper right corner of the screen for the relevant criterion. NOTE: please do NOT "reply privately".

    The Task Committee recognizes that not all comments can be effectively articulated related to a specific draft phrase, so a general comment section discussion is provided. Please add to the comments of others as appropriate and/or provide new sections as required.

    If you wish to provide comments via email, please send to Leslie Nolen.

    Expectations: The forum will be monitored, and questions/comments/suggestions will be answered directly and/or logged for each thread and summarizes for the CEPCTC. This log and responses will be published in this Collaborate Community.

    Forum Close Date: August 15, 2021

    Thank you: Your expertise, time, and thoughts are very much appreciated to help ASCE provide the best ABET program criteria for civil engineering possible to help guide academic programs in the next decade.


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    Posted 11 days ago

    As of July 7, this ASCE Collaborate community has been under moderation due to a security risk that was identified after the community was launched. What this means is comments and posts will need to be approved by a community moderator (in this case, several staff and volunteer leaders) before it goes live to the site. As a result, you will not see your post show up immediately after you submit it as was happening when the community was first launched (and as still happens with other ASCE Collaborate communities that have more limited audiences than this one.) Please be assured that your post will be approved and made live as soon as it is verified by a moderator and adheres to ASCE's Collaborate code of conduct.

    Thanks for your participation!

    Leslie Nolen Aff.M.ASCE
    Reston VA
    [email protected]